What Do You Know?

Matthew 27:51  NIV  At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. . .

As I listened to the minister describing this amazing proof that Jesus was Who He said He was, my memory transported me back to a large sanctuary on a Wednesday morning many years ago.  I sat among many women from all walks of life with whom I gathered weekly for Bible Study Fellowship.   Our focus that year was the book of Matthew, and we were nearing the end of the study.  On this particular morning, we had already met in small groups for discussion of our individual lessons, and were now assembled corporately for a summary lesson the overall leader would deliver.

Somewhere in the lecture, the speaker addressed the above verse, noting that the curtain was torn from top to bottom – not bottom to top – indicating it had to have been done by God.  What?!  I never noticed that detail in my Bible reading, nor had I ever heard anyone mention it.  I was amazed, surprised, and excited, all at the same time!  This revelation was probably new and exciting for a few others in the auditorium that day, as well.  At the same time, it was possibly a repeat for the majority.  The leader may have hesitated to mention it, for fear of boring her listeners.

But everyone didn’t know.  I didn’t know, until she pointed it out.  I needed to hear what she knew of our Jesus!  Though it was in black and white on the pages of my Bible, and I had read it many times without really seeing it, I needed it specifically pointed out to me by someone else who already knew it.

As I thought back on that event, I saw it clearly for today – others (even brothers and sisters in Christ) need to hear of the Jesus I know, all of the Jesus I know.  The leader at that Bible study wasn’t sharing her superior knowledge.  She was revealing Jesus.  That’s what we do in Christ.  We simply live and share Jesus Christ revealed to us – me to you and you to me.  Knowing Christ and making Him known – one to another.

So, please tell me what you know . . . of Jesus?

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Not My Job

Changes continue for me and my writing.  The Lord spoke to my heart on the pages of my journal again, and what He spoke is for now.

stepping stonesI considered my writing to be transparent, but realize I have actually been quite guarded in my transparency. 🙂  Daddy has made clear that it’s time for my guard to come down.  It’s called trusting Him more.  I’m not sure exactly what the posts will look like, and expect Holy Spirit to make changes regularly.  However, I am certain you will feel as if you are listening to a private conversation between a Father and His child – for that is what it is.  This child sometimes questions, sometimes withdraws, sometimes marvels, and sometimes has tantrums, but she always wants to know her Daddy more.  And she wants His other children to know Him more, too.

I invite you to listen in as He reveals this very thing to me . . .

It’s not my job to convince (or even try to) others of what the Lord reveals to me.  As soon as He begins to show me something, my mind goes into “How do I write this?” or, “How do I tell this?” mode – all for the purpose of convincing others . . . not convincing them that it is “Truth” or “right” or “God,” though I fully believe it is.  But, reality check.  It’s so “they” will not reject me for yet one more “oddity.”

If I had to draw what it looks like, there’s this large group of people around me – seemingly connected by Christianity.  With each new revelation of Daddy, of Jesus, of Holy Spirit, of the kingdom of heaven, some of those people drop away from me.  Over time, the group gets smaller and smaller – noticeably so – to the point that I’m aware of what sharing another revelation will mean.  While I want very much to be so much more aware of my Jesus everywhere, in every situation, and be radically set free from the things of this world, there’s still one big thing of this world that hinders – the desire to be liked, agreed with, approved of, accepted.  Thus, the effort to explain “logically” to convince my readers, hearers, acquaintances, etc., so they’ll not leave me.

And what does that do?  It keeps me from experiencing in full that which my Daddy is revealing to me. It’s not that He won’t have others exposed to it through me.  It’s that it’s not my job to expose them, to explain “it,” to convince them.

Neither is it my responsibility to keep people liking, accepting, approving of, or attached to me in any way.  This is not in your face: “I’ll be who I am and if you don’t like it, forget you.”  Rather, it’s the love walk of Christ.  I AM lives in me, loves me, loves you; therefore, I love you unconditionally and will not intentionally offend or harm or reject you in any way.  By the same token, I understand that what I know of our Christ and of our Daddy may be so radically different from, even opposed to, what you have known thus far as to create a divide you feel you will no longer cross in order to maintain any form of relationship.  It doesn’t affect Christ’s love for either of us.  And it doesn’t affect my love for you, either, even if we never have contact again until we are in heaven seeing clearly what neither of us ever could while on earth.

My writer’s instinct is to bring this all together, to tie it up with some nice, neat closing.  But, it’s not my job!  Besides, that’s where that particular revelation ended that day.  Conversations with Daddy are like that – ongoing.  I daresay We will revisit this very conversation many times, possibly every time someone disagrees with me. That’s part of this journey of life and love in Christ.

Stay tuned . . .

I Thought I Knew

It was a surprise when I recently grasped how much I really didn’t know about intercession.  It’s not that I thought so highly of myself, but I had a fair amount of instruction, time, and experience with the Lord in prayer and intercession.  I know quite a bit more now than I used to, but in a head-on collision of my knowledge with God’s, guess whose fell dramatically short – basically to the measure of infinitesimal?

The early ’97 journal entry I read while working on my book indicated that the Lord was preparing me for a time of intense intercession.  That was His phrase, not mine.  I thought, then, that I knew what He meant by it.  Now, reading it 13 years later, I know what He meant.  It was not total lack of knowledge that was my problem then, but not even knowing I lacked the knowledge I needed – that there was so much more to know – so I didn’t ask the Lord for further direction or clarification.  Even the increased knowledge I have now, which helps me understand what He was saying then, is minuscule in comparison with His eternally infinite knowledge.

Equally amazing is this same truth at work in every other part of my walk with Christ.  No matter how long I walk with Him, and no matter how many hours I spend in study, regardless of the topic, His wisdom and knowledge is profoundly beyond what I can ever know about anything!  (The word omniscient comes to mind.)

I find this absolutely freeing!  Don’t we talk about relying on Christ alone?  About having the mind of Christ?  About trusting Christ?  My reliance and trust are not to be in what I know, for it will always be lacking.  It’s His knowledge I need, and He is willing to give it, if I will only ask, whatever the issue: prayer, the love walk, healing, etc.

1 Corinthians 8:2 The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. NIV

Now I know what I need to know for any situation: I simply need to know and rest in the One Who knows all, the One Who lives in me – Jesus Christ.