How do you capture the vastness of the ocean in a picture?  How do you fathom the love Abba Daddy has for you?  I don’t think it’s possible.  But, as I listened to the Phillips, Craig, and Dean song, Amazed, I saw His love for me in a picture, though it still doesn’t compute in my brain.

I am me, in my human size, in the middle of the largest of our oceans.  This ocean is my Daddy’s love for me.  Then I listen to the bridge of the song, and realize the limitations of this picture.  Though I can’t begin to see the edge of an ocean if I’m in the middle of it, there are boundaries.  There is no boundary, no matter where I look, to Abba Daddy’s love for me.  And His love is that big and that limitless for you, too.

May we truly rest in His amazing love for us!