Forever Remembered

Another year has come and gone since Nathan left us to enjoy the absolute freedom, peace, health, joy, constant awareness of Jesus Christ, and . . .  We who remain on earth have moved on to different seasons in our lives, as is right.  There’s even another little brother in Nathan’s family now.  While the rawness of our loss (not his!) has greatly subsided, and even our thoughts of him aren’t as constant as they once were, Nathan Tyler Dawson will be forever remembered.  The memories now come with more smiles than tears, and the thought of how he must be blessing friends and loved ones who are with him in heaven brings much joy to my heart.

Time has a way of fading some of our memories, but certain people and moments in our memory banks remain as vivid today as if we were just experiencing life with them.  Nathan is one of those people for me, though I only knew him in person when he was 5 and 6.  How blessed and thankful I am that the Lord saw fit to let my life intersect with his, even for that relatively short time.  I’d rather have known him, despite the many tears when he left, than never to have had him in my life.

I am forever remembering Nathan with joy!

For more about Nathan, see My Tribute, posted February 18, 2009.