Soaring, or Flapping with the Crows?

As I sorted through some old correspondence, I re-read a word picture that seemed to speak directly to me when I read it years ago.  It aptly described a situation with which I struggled at the time.  Just as God used it to encourage me then, my prayer is that you will be encouraged by it now.

I was on the final descent of my hike in the mountains when I heard the great clamor of crows.  I looked up to see one particular crow dive-bombing a completely unperturbed hawk gliding lazily through the air.  The crow was insanely angry, calling the hawk every name in the bird book.  When that crow approached the hawk, the hawk flipped his wing slightly out of the crow’s grasp and kept on gliding.  The hawk came to rest on the top of one of the giant pines, right at the tip top.  The crow increased her dive-bombing and cursing until other crows joined her.  The hawk finally took off and made a purposeful, yet lazy, progress over to another part of the mountain, despite multiple dive-bombing crows.

Sans the mountain backdrop, I’ve observed many similar bird interactions.  The Lord reminded me through this word picture that I am that hawk in the midst of insanely angry crows, because I’m in Christ.  He didn’t try to help me understand the underlying reasons for their anger.  It seemed as if He whispered simply, “Continue on the path in My peace.  I’ll deal with them.  Just don’t join in their ways.”

God knows what you face today.  May you receive His encouragement and strength so you will continue to soar as a hawk instead of flapping with the crows.


Look Up!

I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth – just took an unplanned break from writing these last couple of weeks.  Thanks for coming back.  I hope it’s because you hear from Holy Spirit in some way by reading what I bring to this blog.

This time, I want to share something with you the Lord spoke to my heart back in 1995.  I don’t even remember what was going on at the time, but I know this brought great comfort and strength to me at the time.  It blessed me again when I re-read it the other day, as it is still as True for my life today as it was then.  In addition, this word from the Lord is for any of you who will receive it!  Please, hear it as His words to you today:

Just trust Me, child.  I’ll care for you.  Your every concern concerns Me.  Your every prayer comes to Me and through Me.  I will not let my children beg for bread.  I will not let my children be mercilessly picked at and plucked apart by the savage beasts of the air.  I will not.  I have promised to lead you and guide you.  I have promised to protect you.  I am not a man that I should lie.  You must believe Me.  I am the Alpha and Omega.  I see the end from the beginning and am here to tell you the end is good.  And if the end is good, there is good all the way through.  Look up, my child.  Look up, I say again.  Look up!  For I am not the purveyor of these circumstances in which you now find yourself.  Yet I am the One Who will deliver you if you will but look up!  Look up.  The battle rages, but your place is here with Me.  Safe, secure, rejoicing in the victory that you, too, can see when you look up!  Not down!  Look up!  The way is up – not down, not backwards, not sideways, but up!  I’m here.  I’m calling, always calling.  Come to Me.  Trust Me.  And look up, my child, look up!