Every now and then, our wonderful Father reminds us in very surprising ways that He never leaves or forsakes us.  Also, because He is right here with us – always – He not only knows what we need, but He knows how to strengthen us with His provision in very personal ways.  The following testimony, included in Sharon Hobbs’ article about CFNI summer outreaches in the August 2011 issue of Christ for the Nations Magazine, is just such a reminder.  May you, too, be strengthened and encouraged by the Lord as you read Chris’s story.

Chris Troop’s Story:

I felt really discouraged about the financial situation I was in.  I needed money for my outreach account.  I heard many people had been blessed with full payments on school bills; yet none of these miracles were happening for me.  I knew not to entertain discouraging, faithless thoughts, so I started to pray.  LORD, I know that You take a long time to do things ‘suddenly;’ right now, GOD, I need something done suddenly.  I need some hope to build up my faith.

I walked to the bus stop, reaffirming this prayer the best that I could.  I noticed a piece of paper hanging on the center frame of a pole.  I thought it was just another ad for something, but after a closer look, I realized it was an offering envelope.  I was about to throw it away, but the words Tithes and Love Offerings to God caught my attention.  I figured the rightful owner lost this, and someone had posted it for them to find.  Then reality kicked in – I’m in Oak Cliff – NOBODY who finds money is going to leave it for the rightful owner to come back and get it!  And even if it was someone’s tithe, it belonged to GOD, not me.

I opened it.  Where the address should have been, a note said, “This is my tithe.  To GOD be the glory.  If you find this, GOD has blessed you.  Know that there is a GOD, and HE loves you!”  This sent chills all over my body.  There was a $100 bill in the envelope.  I am amazed at all the ways GOD can provide.