Glorious Writing Assignment

Explanation: I’m taking an online blogging challenge through WordPress beginning today. The first exercise involves writing whatever came to mind for twenty minutes. The real challenge came in their direction to publish what was written in that time. What follows is the result – no editing.

Twenty minutes of writing whatever comes to mind. And then publish? No way! But this will still be interesting. I have a second second chance in life. Oh, I’m sure there are many more that these two, but I’m thinking of the Big C scare. More than three years ago, it was uterine cancer and it had to be removed surgically – but that was the end of it without any chemo or radiation.

Two weeks ago, with a standard blood test so my doctor would have a baseline to go by before I begin working with another doctor to get rid of some allergies and the root cause, all those plans had to be put on hold. My white blood cell count was drastically low, especially when compared to the counts from last August. Cancel the new doctor appointment and make an appointment with a hematologist at the same cancer center where I still go for follow-up visits with my oncologist.

Today was the day I would meet with him for the first time. Taking Tom with me for an extra pair of ears, we met with the PA first. Just before she did the basic heart check, I asked her if there was any chance the blood test could be wrong. She was less than encouraging in her answer. And then we got to wait longer, this time for the doctor. But not before she described what problems a person has when their counts are low in the areas of white blood cells, hemoglobin, and platelets. Tom and I were both confused, because I haven’t been sick (other than the same upper respiratory infection he had in February), I definitely don’t have a problem with blood not clotting, and I haven’t been tired. It just didn’t fit, no matter what the numbers said.

The doctor told us there was always the possibility the blood work could be wrong, which is why he was having more blood drawn today. He did say, however, that if it was still the same as two weeks ago (0.8, for all of you who are familiar with those numbers), he would schedule me for a bone marrow biopsy on Wednesday. I hesitated, but then asked if I could expect him to describe what I would be facing with that biopsy when he called later today with the results – if it was necessary. He agreed that it would be best not to go there unless it was needed, and we would talk soon.

Blood drawn. Now we wait. But not for long. Just after lunch, not even two hours after the test, the PA called to say that number is now – only two weeks later – 5.0! Well into the normal range. And the other two numbers are now equally as good! In just two weeks???

How do I explain it? Jesus Christ is still I AM! It’s not because I’m so great, or walk without fear, though I definitely had less fear this time than the last. I was in much peace, even with the idea that I could be in for another type of cancer and treatment. But God! It’s His faithfulness. He has given me another chance. No, that’s not right. He is always with me, and it’s not a matter of chances. That would mean He’s working with me till I get it right. I never will. That’s why I need Jesus.

So I guess I just need to leave it at Jesus Christ. Period. What I do know is it has reignited the appreciation for life I found at work when I was told all the lymph nodes they removed during the hysterectomy were clear. The cancer had been eliminated completely. Three years later, I had allowed life here to have too much pull in my attitude. This latest scare has definitely brought me back to appreciate the life I have been given, for however long I have it. And now I want to share the hope in Christ alone, not in what may or may not happen in our bodies. He is life! He is love! He is eternal! And He lives and dwells in me and I in Him!

What a glorious Lord and Savior is my Christ Jesus!

Stopped in My Tracks

Arrested by the partner letter from Bill Jack of Worldview Academy, I wanted other people to hear the message, too.  The truth included in this grieving mother’s heartfelt letter of appreciation is vital for us all, even if we don’t face such extreme situations.  It is with Bill’s permission I publish most of his letter:

In one of the more difficult sessions I teach at Worldview Academy, I emphasize that what one fears is what one tends to worship.  For example, if one fears not having enough money, friends or good health, then material things, people or self become one’s god.  A mother’s recent letter reminded me of the importance of teaching students that principle – to be wise, we are to fear God above all else.  She wrote: I am the mom of 4 boys who all attended WVA for 3 years each . . .

Weston, the third son, passed away this summer after 2 years of battling a relapse of cancer that he originally fought back in 2004-05 when he was just 10 years old.  His diagnosis of relapse to both lungs was just 3 days after we picked him up form Worldview at Point Loma University in San Diego in June of 2011.

We are so thankful that God prepared him spiritually at camp for what was about to be discovered.  On the day the three tumors were found in his lungs (the Monday after camp ended on Friday), he spoke profound words to me, truth that I believe the Holy Spirit had deposited into his heart at WVA camp.  We had just seen a terrible chest x-ray that showed three masses, and I was a nervous wreck.  While we were waiting to see the oncologist, I blurted out to him “I’m afraid.”  He then looked me in the eyes and said calmly, “Don’t be afraid, Mom.  What you fear is what you worship, that’s why the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.”  I was taken aback.  It was as though the Holy Spirit was speaking directly to my fear through the voice of my 17-year-old very sick son.  Weston lived by this truth throughout his 2-year battle without fear, and with grace and truth and courage that could only come from the Lord.  He now has his reward, and can live forever in paradise with Jesus.



NOTE:  If you have teenagers, consider sending them to one of the many WVA camps held each summer where they can learn more of the truth of Christ and His Word.  In addition, gifts to Worldview Academy help support this powerful ministry to our future adults.  If you want to support Bill Jack specifically, make note of it on your donation.  Follow the link to Worldview Academy.