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My name is Kay Stocking, and for this bio I prefer to stick to Whose I am – a child of the Most High God, through the blood of Jesus Christ.  I don’t say this to sound spiritual.  The truth is, I am an ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ, called to speak as He speaks and live as He lives, and, in this case, write as He writes.  He has filled me with His Holy Spirit, for which I can’t thank Him enough, which makes me a minister of reconciliation – one who helps people be reconciled to Him, and from that place, to each other.  I am not paid to do what I do.  I am just amazingly loved by God and am learning to live by the indwelling life of Jesus Christ, which means ministering to others.

The Lord made it clear to me during the summer of 2008 that I was to start a blog in which I would include entries from my many journals from many years.  Maybe, in your own reading of these words, you will find greater encouragement and understanding of the One Who holds you eternally, Who will never let you go.

As for standard biographical-type stuff . . . I have been married for many years to my college sweetheart.  We have two grown sons who are married and have their own families.  I also have the three most wonderful grandsons and the two most beautiful granddaughters in the world.  (Since it’s my blog, I can call it as I see it, right?)


Please share your thoughts . . .

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