With a Little Help From My Friends

Struggling to write about the shame and guilt we so easily throw toward others, I found myself headed back to the frustration that nearly ended my writing before.  How many times did I restart this one post?  How many hours had I toiled already, still unable to describe what I sensed?  Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe it wasn’t as clear as I thought when I was certain it was the topic.  It needed to come from the Father’s heart of love in Christ; yet I had only tried to fit it in, rather than it being the foundation.

Only when I gave myself a break and checked email did I find what was needed all along.  A notice for the latest blog post from Eternity in our Hearts by Renee Ratliffe, entitled Prayers for the Speakers of Life, seemed on the surface to be a potential reason to avoid writing for another few minutes.  Instead, I found the issue of shaming others addressed, indirectly, along with other failures in our speech.  But all was done through a beautiful prayer reflecting the heartbeat of our Daddy for us to be speakers of life.  There was my post – I mean, here it is.

a-song-for-love-1158871-1280x960Renee’s post and Daddy’s perfect timing in sending it my way reminded me of my need for a little help from my friends to see Christ more clearly.  In turn, I share Him with you.  May we all pray this prayer!

Click here or on any of the links above to read her post in full.


2 thoughts on “With a Little Help From My Friends

  1. Thank you, Kay, for sharing. I appreciate you as a like-hearted sister and fellow speaker of life. May our words be seasoned with grace today, toward ourselves and everyone in our physical and virtual paths. Gratefully ~ Renee


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