Did You Say, “Intercessory Soccer”?

Apparently, I needed more of the message I shared last.  When Daddy began to speak to my spirit, I thought I was being corrected for having forgotten what He already told me.  As He continued, though, it was obvious He was building on that foundation, even in the reminder.

Just stop!  It’s not yours to carry.  You are not meant to carry the world . . . even in prayer. You are meant to walk where I am walking with you – not everywhere I’m walking.  Certainly, you may ask Me about the peoples, the awful situations, etc.  But don’t assume I’m giving it to you to carry.  I may only have you speak one word and then move on in faith in Me and My ability to carry it out.  It’s an emotional drain the enemy loves My body to get sucked into, especially when you’re told by others it’s what you should do, and it is no more than a work of the flesh.  He (the enemy) doesn’t have any problems with those, for often they are beggar prayers, not prayed from your place seated at My right hand above.

One word spoken in My authority, when initiated by My Spirit, shuts the mouths and binds the appendages of the lion.

In that moment, I was reminded of watching my son’s soccer games when he was only five.  They were so cute, and quite entertaining, at that age, as they had no concept of the nuances of soccer strategy.  The ball was set in play after each coach forced their players to point to the end of the field they were to kick the ball, and the entire team chased it, scrum-like all over the field.  Occasionally all that kicking, by both teams, led to a ball in the goal – sometimes even in the right goal.

What did that have to do with what the Lord had just spoken?  The image of those cute kids all in the same place, infrequently completing the goal, too often resembles our prayer efforts when following the crowd instead of the Spirit.

The enemy sets a ball in play with well-timed disasters or threats.  Out of a sense of should, we chase that ball in an effort to get it out of play.  Meanwhile, he adds more balls to the same field.  Most of the scrum leaves the first for the next and the next and the next, until they are overwhelmed and worn out.  If some choose to remain with a specific ball, sides begin to form as each determines theirs to be the most important.  The enemy laughs as we weaken through division he has sown.

It doesn’t have to be this way if we stop accepting every ball the enemy throws out, using up our time in fleshly efforts.  Instead, each of us only receives the balls Holy Spirit places in our specific fields of play, only does with those balls what He directs, at His designated time – speaking one word, or waiting, or speaking many words, going, or staying put.  Then we find ourselves resting in Him as never before as we live (not do) intercession, without the heavy should.  In this, we live the victory of Jesus Christ in the earth!soccer-1577758


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