What’s in a Moment?

How I wish someone had been nearby to take a picture today! A selfie wouldn’t work – if I could even manage to take a decent one. Actually, the photographer would have had to be invisible and soundless to have caught the moment without disrupting one of the subjects, so I’m left with what I hope will be an unfading picture in my mind.

The afternoon was typical of my writing days. Sandy found me on a dining room chair in the middle of the living room (where the ceiling fan could keep me cool,) my laptop on the portable desk that allows arms and hands to be comfortably lower than other desks while typing. I had tuned Spotify to my instrumental worship playlist, with its music permeating atmosphere and attitude with peace while not distracting my focus.

After more than an hour, I became aware of what my subconscious noted as it happened. Sandy, my faithful dog, had joined me not long after I began typing, settling himself into a peaceful sleep in the sunlight behind me. He placed himself just near enough that I could reach out from time to time – with effort – to stroke him. At the same time, he was far enough away to keep me from something more constant – like resting my foot against him. There he remained until I moved away from the desk.

Why did I so want a picture? Though his aversion to cameras makes photos of Sandy rare treasures, that wasn’t my motive. Rather, it was the experience of the moment I wanted to preserve, a moment of deep-down, to-the-core happiness I encountered in a typical day with my furry companion nearby.

Sandy - snows of 2014
Sandy – snows of 2014

There have been other moments like this, but this was the first time I gave it more than a passing notice. I’ve taken other similar experiences for granted, disregarding how quickly time passes.   Because of many changes, I’m acutely aware of Sandy’s limited time, maybe even measured in months. Tough medical conditions are now working against his 13 ½-year-old body, though he still tries to be the younger version of himself.

Interestingly, that moment this afternoon came with no sadness added. Instead, I was overwhelmed from the inside out with thankfulness that I have Sandy today, and sensed a deep conviction to remain in this thankfulness each day for however many more we have together. By God’s wonderful grace, I refuse to let what could happen tomorrow steal from me today.

I think I’ll let the Lord apply that moment’s lesson to every part of my life.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV …give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.


2 thoughts on “What’s in a Moment?

  1. andylee71647

    I’ve missed you, Kay. So enjoyed this piece and the peace that exuded from your words. You painted the picture beautifully. A camera could have never captured the moment.


    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Andy. I’ve found I can’t be diligent with the blog and my book, too. And try as I might, I can’t let go of the book. So, it’s getting most of my writing effort now. 🙂


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