The Simplicity of Grace

What happens when you hear or think about the word grace? As frequently as grace is discussed among Christians today, confusion abounds and arguments arise. How refreshing it is, then, to read a clear and simple blog post by fellow writer Eddie Snipes. It is with his permission I share his work of Mar 15, 2014, with you.  He titled it When Grace Becomes a Threat. Be sure to follow the link to his post, where you can find out more about this book and other writings.

People like the idea of grace being a tool God puts into our hands, because this makes us the achiever – which feeds our pride. It’s when you unveil the full teaching of God’s grace, which calls us to trust completely in what Christ has done, that people call grace hyper. People are not comfortable with being completely dependent upon Christ alone. Religious people would rather believe that God is proud of their efforts.

abounding-grace-coverThe truth that the only way we can please God is to trust and receive what He has accomplished is not palatable to religion. God is love, and because of His desire to express His love, God gave the gift of Himself through the promise, “His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.” That is grace. Anything that replaces His gift of ‘all things’ has replaced grace with a cheap counterfeit. This substitute then denies God the pleasure of expressing love, and denies us the joy of experiencing all things. The counterfeit may call itself grace, but it is nothing more than a fading form of religion.

Don’t allow others to turn you away from grace with misinformation. Find out what grace actually teaches. Read Abounding Grace here.


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