It’s Always Father’s Day

When I came across the following entry while reading some of my journal from earlier this year, I knew it needed to be posted here.  Yes, Thanksgiving Day is upon us, and this was from Father’s Day.  When you read this, I think you’ll have to admit, however, that it’s always Father’s Day.

I have been thinking so horizontally regarding Father’s Day as I’ve readied myself for this special time with You this morning – thinking of Tom, of Brendan (and Angie), of Adam (and Sarah) – along with all manner of totally unrelated items.  But, as I wrote “Father’s Day” at the beginning of this entry, my heart / thought / senses opened wide with the wonder of the vertical – my Abba, heavenly Father!  

Despite having taken me so long to think of Him related to Father’s Day, there is a strong sense of His warm and loving smile covering me through all those other thoughts – not just when I finally made the connection.  What a perfect Daddy You are!

photo by Daniela Corno
photo by Daniela Corno

You just love being a Father, don’t You?  As much as I loved being Mom (and still do), and now have the amazing blessing of being Nana, what I feel as I think of those children and grandchildren is only a minute portion of what You feel for Your children.  You truly delight in us – always.  You love watching us play and work and sleep and enjoy people, places, things.  You really do.  

You see the end from the beginning, so all our missteps and failings don’t cause You to fret or grimace or be embarrassed by us.  No, You delight in us because Jesus already received our just punishment for every one of those things.  When You see us, You only see Jesus’ finished work.  You see us as we don’t yet see ourselves – completely free, completely whole, completely righteous, completely loved.  

What an amazing and wonderful Abba Daddy You are.


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