I Don’t Know

question out of boxI’ve been struggling to write this post because I understand only an inkling of what is taking place at this time, with no grasp of what’s in store down the road.  It all comes down to this simple, overriding fact: I don’t know.

Rather than attempting to clarify for you what I don’t know (Isn’t that silly, anyway?) and why it matters, I prefer to say only that I will not be posting more on this blog for the time being (however long that may be.)  I don’t know all the reasons why.  I only know this is what I am to do . . . for now.

In this place of admitting I don’t know – to myself, the Lord, and you – there is a sense of freedom I haven’t experienced before.  That false sense of responsibility to know the answers is a heavy weight not meant for us to carry.

Will I ever write here again?  I don’t know today.   What I rely on today is the trustworthiness of Jesus and His Spirit of grace to reveal more of Himself to me each day, leading me by His Spirit in showing His love to others, as well.  That’s what I know today.

For all those other as-yet unanswered and even unasked questions, with joy and freedom I declare:  I don’t know those answers, but I know the One who does – Jesus Christ!


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

  1. Denise Williford

    I wrote you last night, but I see you didn’t get. Guess I lost it. :-[
    Was surprised with your news but know change is a part of life. And, as you follow Jesus, even one little step at a time, you know it will be good.
    Will miss your posts but look forward to staying in touch, e-mail or even FB. (Just started recently.)
    Blessings during this new season,
    Love, Denise


    1. Thanks, Denise and Donna. Such precious heart friends are never apart, no matter how infrequently we communicate naturally. And, Denise, I’m sending you a friend request right now – so you’ll probably keep up with me more now than before! Love you both!


  2. I’m saddened. But trusting. When you said farewell on your prayer blog, I thought…well, I’ll get to read her wisdom on her other blog. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll miss your posts.


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