In the Spotlight

I was under that open heaven (see previous post) when the worship leader began to prepare us for the next song.  All I specifically remember was something about seeing Jesus’ face.  What happened in the coming moments was not for me, alone.  Please read this selfishly.

When looking at a packed football stadium from a blimp’s camera, you see a whole lot of spots in an oval enclosure.  You know they are people, but you can’t physically see them.  Unless you are a regular visitor to that particular stadium, you probably wouldn’t know any of the people even if you could see their faces.  They would simply be a mass of nameless people to you.

For quite some time, I’ve tried to grasp that our Abba, Daddy, not only sees individuals in a crowd like this, but that He also knows their names and everything about them.  I know it’s true, but it’s been impossible within the confines of my limited brain.  It all changed as we worshipped Him on that beautiful September night in Jerusalem.

Somewhere between 1800 and 1900 people were packed onto the steps outside the south wall of the Old City.  Nowhere near the end of a row, nor at the back or front of the audience, and with my eyes closed, what I experienced could not have been in the natural.  The shadows from the few available lights suddenly disappeared as what could only be described as a spotlight from heaven focused its beam on me.  Though I remained in the same place, everyone around me became separated from me by the light itself – so that only I was visible within its scope.

I was aware this light was not to draw others’ attention to me.  In fact, no one else could have seen it.  This light gave revelation of how single focused Daddy is where I am concerned.  He sees me clearly no matter how many people are around me, no matter how dark it is, no matter anything at all.  I wasn’t afraid of what this meant at all.  I only knew He smiled at me.  I only sensed pure love surrounding me in that spotlight – that perfect love that casts out all fear.  It was and is simple.  He loves me completely and unconditionally.  Always will.

In those few moments I was also aware that He sees everyone else in the same way at the same time, with single vision – while never losing focus on me.  This is still an impossibility in my natural mind, but those few moments in His spotlight took me out of the natural and into His supernatural – into His possible!  Can you sense His spotlight on you, too?  Will you receive His single-focused, all-encompassing, never-ending love?

John 3:16  NIV  For God so loved the world (spotlight on you!) that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


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