God’s Still Dancing

God Danced the Day You Were Born has been around on artwork and greeting cards for many years.  I always liked it, but never gave more than a passing thought to the sentiment . . . until the other day.

It was the last opportunity I would have to pray with my son and daughter-in-law (without their toddler around to distract) before they headed to the hospital to deliver their second son – my second grandson.  I didn’t know in advance what I’d pray, since the typical things had already been covered in personal prayer.  I knew Holy Spirit was behind it, so I looked forward to what He’d communicate at this special time.  As always, it was perfect!

Rather than leading us to pray about the physical circumstances of this birth, the Lord revealed His heart in a deeper way.  As I began to pray with excitement about this precious baby we were about to meet, I could sense His eager anticipation, too.  As excited as we were at the prospect of seeing this new life, the One Who created Him was even more excited!  The Creator had knit Emmett together in his mother’s womb and already knew everything about him; yet, He was still excited about this baby’s world debut!

You know, it was the same when each of us was born.  God danced with excitement the day we made our entrance and the world got its first glimpse of yet another of His created ones.  He had, after all, declared the day of creation very good when He created each of us in the spirit realm, long before we were formed in the womb. (Genesis 1:31) 

Then we grew up, living so far from His perfection.  But God!  Because of His love for us, and His gift of Jesus Christ, He sees us as perfect, completely righteous.  We are in Christ.  He’s not disappointed with Christ, so He’s not disappointed with us.  Really.  And He’s still dancing!

4 thoughts on “God’s Still Dancing

  1. Congratulations!!!!! Another precious and priceless gift from Daddy. I bet grandma Kay was dancing too!!! Please send me a photo via email, could not open this one….Love, Kathy


  2. Carleen Shepp

    Beautiful sentiments, Kay! How uplifting on a day when I needed it. Many blessings to all the Stockings and this precious new life.


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