Which Hair is That?

I shed a lot of hair.  Always have.  With long hair, it’s more obvious because those loose hairs seem to go on forever – everywhere.  In the process of removing a large amount of no-longer-attached hair from my hands during the wash process, I had a seemingly random thought.  Jesus said the very hairs of our head are numbered. 1  When God sees the glob of hair from today’s shower, does He see just a random 50+ hairs from Kay’s lifetime supply?  Or does He know, specifically, which hairs they are, when they grew in, what color, their length, etc.?  I truly believe it’s the latter.  After all, He calls each star by name!2  And both of these “random” thoughts cause me to praise my awesome Abba even more!

You see, I watched a short video recently that expanded my grasp of the enormity of this One I call Daddy – this One Who formed the heavens that go on and on and on.  In the midst of that revelation, I realized my utter smallness in this thing called creation.  Very humbling, to say the least.  At the same time, I explode inside with the reality that this same I AM loves me, individually, and has chosen me in Christ to be in intimate relationship with Him!  Wonderful, glorious Lord!

Please watch this three minute video, The Awe Factor of God, to see how it affects you.  You might even find yourself thinking about how concerned our indescribable Creator is with each hair on your head!

1 Matthew 10:30, Luke 12:7
2 Psalm 147:4

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