No Strings Attached

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave . . .”

God’s giving was not predicated on the world doing anything.  God’s giving was predicated only on His love for the world.  There were no requirements that we, the world, must do anything before He gave.  Jesus loved in the same way.  He came from Father’s love, and He loved without requiring anything.

What about we, the body of Christ, who have received His amazing gift?  Do we love the world in the same way – without requiring anything of them?  In our witnessing, in our various outreaches, do we require, or at least expect, something of them?  Of course not, we say!  But let’s dig a little deeper.

When we give food, blankets, money, clothing, etc., is it simply offered because of God’s love, or is it offered if . . .?  If they will sit through a presentation of the gospel message?  If they will pay for this “free gift” we offer with their time?  If they will sign up for future contact?  If they will do something for it?  That’s not free, nor is it freely giving.  When we give freely, we might ask if we can pray for them or tell them about Jesus, but we withhold none of His love if they aren’t interested – for He held nothing back.

God so loved us that He gave.  Period.  We didn’t earn it and never could.  He knew that, but He gave anyway, because so He loved us.  He gave even though He knew some would never be interested in receiving what He gave.  He gave anyway – because He so loved us all.

It’s time for the church (followers of Jesus Christ like you and me) to do the same with others.  Let’s begin to give with no strings attached of any sort!  Let’s see the effectiveness of God’s true gospel when we simply give because God so loves.  Period.  Let’s begin right now, this month, with all our Thanksgiving outreaches to help feed those in need.  Take the strings off and just bless the people because God loves them.  When the world is able to see Jesus in His body, His body (the church) will see greater harvest than we can imagine, though that is no longer our goal.

Our goal is to so love the world that we give as He gave – no strings attached.


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