Reminder to Self

As I perused earlier posts on this blog, I re-read every word of one of the first pieces.  It was a reminder to self to live in the now, and it is much needed today, just as it was then.  If you, like I, get caught up with planning all life’s activities and upcoming events, you might find yourself not fully enjoying where you are right now.  What we’re doing right now is probably something we eagerly planned some time ago; yet we’re not fully engaged, because we’re planning another event – even if only in our minds!  Find hope in the post called Living in the Now.


One thought on “Reminder to Self

  1. Brenda Dawson

    This will help all of us to slow down. Not to be so rushed and to rest. It will make life more enjoyable too. I see things that God has given me and I know He wants me to enjoy them, be it my family, my job and so on. We can enjoy those things right in the middle of where we are when we are not sooo focused on where we think we need to be. Thanks Kay


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