The Brain is Full

I’m not out of pocket this week – just out of brain.  I’m attending my first-ever writer’s conference, and am drinking in all the information I can.  By the end of the day’s multiple classes and keynote sessions, my brain has so much floating around in it there’s not much sense to come from it.

For right now, let me just say God continues to amaze me with how He keeps leading me into greater freedom from things that have hounded, hindered, and harassed me for many years.  For instance, when I read the Bible or hear a message in which the Lord gives me a specific revelation, I immediately begin to write about it in my mind.  I have apologized to God about this repeatedly, for it seemed like I was only looking for material to write, though I truly did receive for myself.

But God!  Here I am, at a writer’s conference with more than 350 other writers, and one of our own gives many humorous examples of how we are a “weird” group because of this very thing.  It’s part of the writer’s God-given DNA.  We’re all like this.  It turns out I’m not alone in this at all!  Now I can go forward in greater freedom in His chosen path for me.  Thank You, Jesus!


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