Not Even For a Few Minutes!

1 Peter 5:8 Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring [in fierce hunger], seeking someone to seize upon and devour.   AMP

I had a dream the other night that disturbed me, partly because the situation was upsetting in the dream, and partly because I’ve had several dreams with a similar theme.  I have known they were from the Lord, but this time I not only wrote it in my journal, I waited on the Lord for the interpretation.  He’s been trying to show me through these similar dreams something to which I’ve paid no attention until now; yet, in His amazing patience and love, He alerted me once more so that I would hear and heed.

I share the dream with you, and the interpretation the Lord has been unveiling to me, because I sense it’s something He wants to reveal to many in His body so you will also recognize and avoid the trappings of our enemy.  I do not yet understand the meaning of all the details of this dream, but the Lord has revealed enough of it for the overall picture / lesson to be evident.  The dream follows:

I am driving a white van and no one is with me.  Though I apparently know where I am and where I am headed in the dream, it isn’t plainly stated.  I stop at a fast-food restaurant (seems to have been Arby’s), lock the van, and go inside for just a few minutes.  The parking lot is fairly large and fairly full.  I don’t have to park a long distance away, though I am not parked next to the building, either.  When I come out of the building, my van is gone.  Someone has stolen it.  Even in my dream, I am telling people this has happened so many times.  End of dream.

For the interpretation, God has pointed out one piece of the dream at a time for me to consider, starting with the van.  It’s not always a van that gets stolen in my similar dreams, but it is always my vehicle – my means of transportation to get from one place to another in the natural.  Spiritually, I believe it represents a revelation of God that is to move me from one place to another in Him.  Just as there is definite plan and purpose in what I am doing in the vehicle in my dream, there is also definite plan and purpose in where God would have me go in the spiritual realm.

It was very clear in my dream that I had locked the doors (and closed the windows) so no one could get in.  The van was only out of my sight for a few minutes, yet the thief was still able to come steal it, in broad daylight in a well-occupied lot, without anyone noticing anything.  How does the enemy still have access to this vehicle when I’m making it secure?  Moving this into the spiritual, I am on the way in God and protect that which He has shown me.  But I leave it – even for only a short time – and that opens the door, somehow, to it being stolen from me.

Since my vehicle is never returned in these dreams, my journey is seemingly ended.  The dream always ends with me in the parking lot, greatly distressed with no idea of what to do.  I believe the Lord wants me to see that my spiritual journey has been interrupted (not ended).  This really resonates with me, because I seem to keep running up against some obstacles repeatedly, though I have thought they are in the past.  I’ll have a revelation of the Lord and begin to move forward in greater freedom in Him for a time, with a sense that these hindrances are finally behind me.  Suddenly, seemingly, I’m right back in those familiar circumstances, at a dead stop – journey disrupted.  How did I let that freedom slip away?

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy . . .

The quick stop at Arby’s, for fast food that is not good for my natural body, represents some quick stops or side trips I have made, apart from the Lord’s direction, that are not good for my spiritual condition.  In the dream, my eyes were only off that locked van for a few minutes, but that’s all it took.  I left my vehicle, and the enemy took advantage of it.   Perhaps it would have been as simple as having someone with me in the vehicle who could have stayed with it while I took what was perhaps a needed break, rather than trying to do it all alone.  Likewise, in the body of Christ, we are called to come alongside our brothers and sisters.  The flip side is that we are also called to have brothers and sisters alongside us as we go on the course God has designed for us.  That’s a big “ouch” for me!

Besides trying to do it myself, what draws me out of the vehicle God has given me?  It is just enough for the enemy to seize the opportunity and stop my forward progress.  After all, I am coming back to it.  The Holy Spirit helped me see that I’d let doubt creep in.  I began to entertain old ideas and religious mindsets about the revelation the Lord had opened to me that had set me on this wonderful course of freedom.  It only took a little bit of that junk food to steal my spiritual health.  Both in dream and in spirit, I thought the vehicle was safe and secure, but I didn’t stay with it, and the enemy was able to come in and snatch it away.

How wonderful our Father is!  He hasn’t been giving me these dreams to condemn me, but to convict me of things that keep me from fullness of life in Him!  If He had been like we are so often, He would have quit trying to get it across.  Glory to His Name!  That is not His nature at all!  I know that vehicle has been brought back to me in the goodness, grace, and mercy of our Lord.  I’m not waiting for another dream to confirm it, for He has already picked me up and set me back on course, moving forward in His freedom so that I might continue to carry that freedom to others who need to know Christ!

Jesus finishes John 10:10:  “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”


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