I want to be changed by the Truth of the Word of God.  Through I Dared to Call Him Father, by Bilquis Sheikh, the Holy Spirit shined His light into my heart, both by the Word directly, and by the Word lived out in this woman’s life, so that I saw the areas He is ready to change in me right now.  I have truly been challenged and am willing for the process and the pain to have that change.

Bilquis Sheikh, a Pakistani woman, was a Muslim only by birth, not because of any interest in things pertaining to God or religion of any sort.  But God!  He saw her as a much-beloved follower of Christ Jesus, and He drew her to Himself in wonderful and amazing ways so that she could see herself that way, too.  The events of this woman’s life, from salvation to her last days, are such a powerful testimony to God’s place in every part of our lives.  Therein is the overarching lesson for me in the story of Bilquis Sheikh.

From the very beginning of her experience with Jesus Christ, Bilquis was aware of His Presence with her.  Every time she did things in her old, unsaved way, rather than the new creature in Christ way, she sensed the loss of His Presence.  If she tried to do things from her intellect, it was the same.  When she intentionally chose to ignore and disobey His specific guidance, the sense of being alone was immediate.  Because she took to heart Ephesians 4:30,  “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption,” she learned to repent quickly and return to that place of intimacy with the Lord.

In the Muslim world, becoming a Christian can be a death sentence from your own family, so the mental struggle just to accept the salvation of Christ is beyond what we can imagine in the free world.  Then to allow Jesus to be Lord of our whole lives, obeying His Word in the face of pressure and persecution at every turn, sad to say, would cause many of us to turn away.  Yet Bilquis was willing to risk the possibility of death, the loss of contact with family and friends, as well as the loss of her homeland and everything she owned, because of her love of and absolute need for the Presence of God.  Isn’t this the way we’re all to live?

Do you see now why I’m challenged by the life of Bilquis Sheikh?  Ever since I began to read this book, I have had opportunities to live out this lesson.  When I was nudged by Holy Spirit to help someone, but chose not to because I didn’t feel like it (yielded to the flesh), the discomfort inside was immediate.  I had to repent and make it right, because I know the loss of His Presence isn’t worth anything my flesh demands!  Bilquis lived a simple truth by which we can all be challenged – seek His Presence.  It’s as simple as obeying Him and His Word every time, meaning time invested in His Word so His Word becomes part of us to guide us every time.  That’s seeking and remaining in His Presence.

You can probably find this book, or order it, at any of your regular sources for books.  I purchased my copy at YWAM Publishing,  They have an excellent selection of books that will challenge you in your walk with the Lord, for all ages and stages.


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