God’s Thanksgiving

Remembering that the purpose of this blog is to help believers in Jesus Christ know Him and make Him known to others, the brief entry I transcribed from my written journal into the computer the other day seemed to be a perfect addition.  I hope you receive the words the Lord spoke to my heart as His words to you, as well.

It was around Thanksgiving, and I’d been meditating for several days on various things for which I am thankful.  I included many people – family, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.  I went from there to being so thankful for all God’s promises for provision, protection, daily bread, eternal life, etc.  On Thanksgiving Day, however, I just thanked God for God.  How thankful I am that He not only allows, but actually wants, me to know Him – and has made the way possible!  I’m so thankful that He is Who He is, and that I am not!  He is trustworthy even when all around me seems topsy-turvy and I don’t understand what’s going on.  God is I AM, and His Word will never fail!  How I thank Him!

hot air balloon From this wonderful place of thanksgiving and gratefulness, telling the Lord how thankful I am for Him, and not just for all He does for me and for all He has given me, I heard Him tell me in the quietness of my heart that He’s so thankful for me.  Previously, I tended to listen to the condemning voice of the accuser telling me how bad I am, but I knew this was my heavenly Father speaking to me, and I chose to receive and believe it immediately – not because I felt that I deserved it, but because I am one of His sheep who knows His voice. (John 10:4-5)

Are you a believer in Christ?  Because of Jesus’ blood, our Father is speaking to you the same, simple, yet life-impacting words, “I’m thankful for you.”  Receive His words of love and affirmation today.


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