Through No Fault of Their Own

How quickly the Lord began to work on me after writing Even If I Forget.  As I prayed for the people our congregation was bringing to receive a Thanksgiving meal, I realized that, though we desire to love the people we bring in, we look at them as inferior.  It’s quite hidden, even from ourselves, but it’s there.  I really believe it’s this way throughout the body of Christ – with a few bright spots here and there who have already grown past this.  You see, we reach out to the poor, homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, etc., and we truly want to love them and bring them to Christ, or to a greater knowledge of Who He is.  Underneath, however, I believe the majority of us are judging the very ones we are trying to love.  We know that they have chosen the things that got them into that predicament, so we give with the attitude, “Here’s God’s love.  If you take it, you’ll be better off.  If not, it’s your problem.”  While that may truly be the case, will they be convicted of what God’s love really is?  Or will they just see another group of people doing what they think they need to do?

I know this is strong, but it’s so important to let the Lord reveal these deceptions in us so that we will begin to deliver His love – not ours – when we reach out to others.  God sees each of us beyond whatever sins, problems, and mindsets we may have.  He sees past the drugs, adultery, gossip, pornography, etc., though He does, indeed, see them.  He knows that those involved in sin will face His judgment if they don’t repent, but He goes so far past those things as He loves with unconditional love.  He doesn’t look down on them at all, though their sins are repugnant to Him.  Nor does He look down on us, though our sins of arrogance and pride are equally as repugnant to Him.

We have made a distinction in our minds between those who, through no fault of their own, are in dire straits and those who “got themselves where they are.”  God doesn’t differentiate with His love.  It is always unconditional, for those who are saved and for those who aren’t, for those who make bad choices and for those who make good choices.  Those of us who know Him are to love in this very same way, but not in our own strength – for that’s impossible.  We must get so full of His love by investing time with Him in prayer, studying His Word and His character and nature revealed in His Word.  It’s only then that our limited fleshly love is overtaken by God’s love – not only for us, but through us, to others!  It’s when we begin to reach out to others in the name of the Lord in this way, regardless of the fault, that we will see permanent kingdom results for the glory of God!


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